Saturday, August 18, 2012

Be still, my beating heart...

Van Gogh was just a bit off the mark, when he sliced off his ear as an ersatz Valentine's Day gift for his sweetie. History does not record what exactly her reaction may have been, but you don't need to be a Rhodes scholar to imagine that she probably did not exactly jump for joy!
My latest creation is a small, anatomically-correct human heart (made from polymer clay and soon to be painted as realistically as possible). It will go to good use, you can be sure. More photos as this project continues.
A real heart-on

I'll admit, this was the very first time I have ever tried to sculpt one. Harder than I thought but definitely a load of fun. I had to wear my new bifocals, and look at it under a super magnifying glass, particularly as I added the  muscle striations and arterial network (whew! that was a test for hand steadiness and nerves). 
Now that this one is ready for the oven and once it's cooled down, it will get that paint job and then onward to completion (I ain't saying; you'll just have to check back in the days to come). 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Consider yourself one of the family...

So sang my childhood idol, Jack Wild, in his Oscar-nominated performance as The Artful Dodger, in the 1968 movie musical 'OLIVER!' (which also won Best Picture of the Year for a million good reasons).

And anyone here who enjoys Halloween is certainly one of the family! 

I always enjoy a little late night snack...

Plus I wanted to blog about this new venture I have here. I created "MacabreWebs" as the real outlet for my artwork. 

It seems that I'd relegated my older main blog ("The Quirk Shop") as a sort of all-purpose one, with my life events, pets, photos, etc. and it just sort of lost focus on what I'd initially created it for: that of featuring my hand-made art.

That said, I also have an Etsy shop in the works. Just ironing out the particulars such as getting a small business account to accept payments and all that jazz. Once that is done, I'll post a live link badge here touting it. Heck, I even have MacabreWebs business cards being delivered! How much more official can I get, I ask you?

At the end of October, if all goes well, I'll be sharing booth space in downtown Franklin for the annual 'Pumpkinfest' with my friend Tanya Coffinberry of "Evil Pumpkins" fame, selling our spookalicious goods for the Halloween crowd. 

So that's about it for now! Very excited and ready to get busy craftin' here!!! You never know what will pop up from my feverish little brain...

In the meantime, check out Tanya's Etsy shop. I have a couple of her creations and love them. 

Deadite necklace. Isn't he charming?

She and her husband Jeano (lead guitarist for Nashville horror punk rock group, The Creeping Cruds) are phenomenal artists! They create scary, funny little characters called "The Deadites" which, like the Evil Pumpkins, are all made with a tiny pinch of the dirt from the "EVIL DEAD" cabin (remember that classic horror movie?). 

Evil Pumpkins on Etsy