Thursday, August 23, 2012

***COMPLETED!***... GHOULIO: a Cautionary Tale for Children

My funny, macabre little sculpture is finished and mounted!

As the title says, GHOULIO is to serve as a frightening, wild-eyed messenger of cautionary advice for all greedy children who would dare to give in to their gluttonous ways come Halloween. A handsome devil he is (a former male model, can't you tell?) but don't let his good looks charm you. Don't think for a moment that you adults are safe! ... no, not at all, for GHOULIO is well aware that you, too, can be equally as naughty and covetous of abundant free candy and is ready to swoop down and get you! 

In other words, this is not a time for selfishness, lest ye be dealt with in a manner most unsavory... and to get snatched by his clutching, sinewy monster arms means no escape. And if there's any indication by those tiny, faint drops of blood around the 'Welcome' sign that he means it, then take heed, one and all!

GHOULIO is completely handmade (by my gnarled, arthritic hands). His head and arms are sculpted from polymer clay, painted with a variety of acrylic colors, and sealed. 

He is mounted on a plank of wood that has been treated, painted, and sealed. His billowing black cape is cotton jersey material, and his sparse, scraggly hair is spun cotton webbing.

GHOULIO's dimensions are 10" L x 4.5" W. Weight: approximately one US pound.

He would find a perfect home in a kitchen, mounted near a cookie jar or cabinet that's known to stock candy. I'd be wary of this guy, he means business....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Heads and hearts and skulls, oh my!

I had so much fun sculpting anatomical hearts last Saturday! I was on a roll, I tell you, and spat out not one, but three of them. (In the background are some of the Day of the Dead skulls I've been working on as well)

The center heart is special: it has a big slash in it, and will be 'stitched' back up.

Not content to stop there, I continued well into the wee hours of the night, creating a funny, odd character with bugged-out eyeballs, and long, gnarly-veined, sinewy arms with spidery, bony fingers. I have a definite plan for those but won't post more pics until 'he' is done.

Excited about the Pumpkinfest in Franklin, Tennessee! Yes, I will indeed be sharing booth space with my friends from EVIL PUMPKINS (the Coffinberrys - Tanya and her husband Jeano). This is gonna be huge fun!

Just a few photos from downtown Franklin during the autumn. A small town established in 1799, but big on history and yes, many hauntings. After the Pumpkinfest draws to a close, I'll be taking part in the Cemetery Walk through some of the oldest graveyards. I mean, what better way to end the evening, eh?

Click the links to read the Heritage Foundation of Franklin's blog about this year's Pumpkinfest, as well as a local blog from a longtime resident:

Heritage Foundation: Pumpkinfest

Pumpkinfest in downtown Franklin, Tennessee