Just your average girl...

​  Getting the squeeze from Dr. Gangrene

You meet the most interesting people at art shows!


Me, Ethan and Abigail -


Nashville's original Halloween & Horror Art Show!

Mr. & Mrs. Spooky

(me and my husband Mark)

Halloween 2012

Is itHalloweenyet?

 I've been an artist my entire life, since picking up my very first crayon as a wee child. 

These days, crayons have been replaced by polymer clay, papier mache, acrylic paints, ink and digital photography. I also enjoy incorporating peculiar mixed media (think: cat hair, leaves, jewels, bugs, material, recycled items) and even surprise myself with the things that blossom from my imagination. 

 Specializing in Halloween (my favorite holiday), I can never sculpt and paint enough pumpkins, Jack O'Lanterns, bats, cats, witches, skulls (most notably, 'Day of the Dead' which are my favorite) and many other odd characters of ancient folklore and fantasy. I also create my own jewelry, with hand-sculpted pendants. To all that I create, I infuse with my oft-times macabre, eccentric humor. Simply said, I'm but a big kid at heart, and will always be.

 I never stopped believing in magic because it exists all around us, and art for me is a way of making it continuously happen.

 My creations are in private art collections across the whole USA, which absolutely thrills me. I've been selling on Etsy for the past few years, and participate in local art shows and crafts fairs whenever I can.

 MONSTERS & MERRIMENT is my art show, held each autumn in Nashville. It features hand-made Halloween and horror artistry from some of the most amazing artists in the world, as well as music, contests, and more.

 In the past, I've also been a sponsor/contributor for the annual Halloween "Horror Hootenanny" here in Nashville, starring the legendary local horror show host, Dr. Gangrene. 

 Originally from Los Angeles, I'm now living in the outlying woodsy rural areas beyond Nashville with my dear and very understanding Husband, and three kitties... and finding a whole new world of inspiration for my art.

 Yes, indeed, it's Halloween every day for me... welcome to my world!