Sunday, October 7, 2012

Work in Progress: La Madame de la Morte

Just a peek... she's a bit shy right now, being so underprepared for viewing by so many eyes...

Front view of La Madame
Funny how she originated. I'd been doing a slew of glowy sculpey skull pins for the upcoming Pumpkinfest, and fashioned one with long teeth and a gaping jaw. I wasn't happy with how this particular one hard turned out so I cut the jaw off and was about to smush it all up but just let it sit there for a day or so. I kept looking at it and finally it just sort of took off by itself. 
I try not to 'plan' too much when I'm creating; I'll have a general idea of what I want to make, then just sculpt/paint away, and see where it leads to. In this case, the finished product is La Madame. Not quite a Dia de los Muertos type but similar in that feel. I painted her teeth, eye and nose sockets with a very faint sepia tone, to gently enhance them.

La Madame wears a sheer material as a dress, which allows her skeleton to subtly show through. A knitted shawl is draped over her shoulders, and behind, she trails a long, burgundy velvet dress train lined with midnight lace. A beaded necklace adorns her neck, as do a braided gold belt around her waist. Her crown is a crimson material rose, which sits regally atop her braided black hair (fine yarn).

La Madame is a one-of-a kind polymer sculpture, with material as her garments. She is approx. 6" in height, and is mounted on a plank of wood that measures 4" wide.

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  1. OOOhhhh I like her! I'd love to see a closeup of her lovely face. Very nice!