Monday, February 4, 2013

Updates! Updates! Updates!


Hope everyone is enjoying the time of year. It is the 'dead of winter' for sure, meant for times spent indoors, being wickedly creative. I'm keeping busy in the studio, finishing up some cool WIP (works in progress) that shall be revealed in the weeks to come, like this sculpture of a realistic, veiny polymer clay heart that has been apparently broken, and sewn up most hastily...
How can you mend a broken heart? With needle and thread, apparently...
I finally got around to taking some nice photos of La Madame de la Morte (you'll see on the post below). 

Also added some great shots of Fenwick P. Mossbottom, showing the detail up close and the cute pumpkin behind him, along with the upended and dripping bottle of pumpkin ale beside him. Thankfully we live in a heavily wooded area that has an abundance of beautiful moss - I went out and plucked a few bits to add to Fenwick's little scene. Both pumpkins rest on a nice cushy bed of it. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it says "Older posts," click on that and it will load another page of my blog from previous months, where you will find Fenwick and some of my other creations.

Okay, my loves! Back to the studio I go. Is it Halloween yet? 

Speaking of Halloween! - - - In the meantime, please enjoy another couple of photos of me from Halloween parties past. The black & white one was my first ever. Yep, that's me, a babe in arms, snuggled against the Great Pumpkin. I believe it was taken at either Knotts Berry Farm or Disneyland (both in the Los Angeles area back home). 
And you wonder why I turned out the way I did?

This one below is from the 8th annual Horror Hootenanny a few years back, hosted by our dear friend, Nashville television horror host Dr. Gangrene!!!! If you haven't been to one yet, what are you waiting for? It's the event of the season!!!!!
I feel pretty, oh so pretty....

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