Saturday, May 11, 2013

Completed: Santa Muerta en Silencio

I think I had more fun doing this piece than any other! 

Each time I thought I was finished, I'd step back, look at her, and think, "Hmm, she really needs to have further embellishments added," which I happily kept doing on a daily basis. 

She went from being quite simple, just a skull with a velvet shroud, to having two overlapping shrouds (one black lace, the other, burgundy velvet). After that, she became further adorned with three soft velvet felt roses across her forehead, three black satin roses with red glitter edges atop them, and two petite satin red roses at each temple. A bunch of faux jewels were then added, starting with her blood-drop necklace and single strand of pearls, to the trio of giant multi-colored diamonds (white, smoke, and champagne) and red crystals circling the bottom. The addition of an ornate gold, black and bronze distressed frame serves as the base, with silk roses on both sides of her neck.
Before adding extra roses (above)

Quite the change from the original, more plain version I'd posted about a few months before. I definitely like her more this way.

Glowy tear and teeth!

As I generally like to do with the majority of my art, I added my trademark glow in the dark element - here, along with her her forever-grinning teeth, a single tear drop falls onto her cheek...

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