Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Updated WIP: ***Halloween Silhouette Cackling Coffin***

You know what? I really, really like painting silhouettes.
A nice coating of sealer and a scraggly-lettered
Halloween howdy!

Just before adding text
And I also grow more in love with orange and black ... I know, that's not a surprise to anyone including myself, but I just felt like stating the obvious. 

Maybe it will help bring on the autumn quicker, if I keep saying it. 
We can all just fast-forward past the hot and humid summer ... 
... and jump right into our favorite season!


  1. Love love love!! One of my fave pieces. You've got a knack sister! Keep on painting! Paint till you faint!

  2. Lol! Thanks, Bag! Painting til I'm fainting from here on out! :-)