Tuesday, July 16, 2013

*** Winifred, in her Finery, presents a Pumpkin! ***

I am very pleased to introduce my latest creation, ready for sale!
Meet Winifred!

Winifred, in her finery, presents a Pumpkin on All Hallow's Eve

There are those most special of times when a gal needs to get all decked out in her satin and lace frippery. 
And as any self-respecting witch like Winifred knows, All Hallow’s Eve is the most special of occasions to dress up for. It’s the gathering for friends and family to honor those here and in the great beyond, with familiars and frivolity abounding. 

The vineyard’s first sweet wine will certainly flow in an unending stream, as all convene together with the wise ladies of the land to celebrate the great harvest and welcome in those visiting from beyond the veil. The merriment shall ensue! Songs and dancing ‘round the bonfire and good cheer and feasting are in order! Just the sort of things Winifred looks forward to – and breaking out her best evening attire is what the old girl lives for. 

Close-up to show details of her emotive face
Timeworn though she may be, her heart and happy spirit are ageless, as evidenced by her jolly (if toothless!) grin.
Glimmering Jack O'Lantern with vine tendril

Raised skirt to show shoes and base pedestal

Look at those fancy striped stockings and pointy witchy boots!

Winifred is *NOT A TOY*
She is a hand-made, one of a kind original collectible doll sculpture.
Catching the last rays of sun as dusk approaches

Her head, arms, hands, legs and shoes are all created with polymer clay, acrylic paints, and sealed in matte polyurethane to preserve her good looks for a very long time.
Her long hair is synthetic material, fastened with heavy-grade adhesive.
Her body is fashioned from a Styrofoam base for sturdiness, covered in papier mache, and also painted and sealed.
Winifred’s clothing is completely hand-sewn – not a thing was created with the help of a machine! She wears a skirt of black lace over a slip of black satin, a blouse of shimmery spider web fabric, and a fabulous billowing shiny black satin duster (her long cape coat).
Left-side view

Back view of her hat

Her pointy witch’s hat is also black satin with black lace and embellishments.
Her long cape and dress, side view

She is mounted securely on a colorful hand-painted plank of wood with scrolly laser cut wood base for beauty and ease of display in your home.
Approximate dimensions:
12” H x 6” W; weight approx. 2 pounds

Frankie wanted to help during the photo shoot!
If you are interested in purchasing Winifred, you can go to my Etsy page for ordering information!

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