Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wowza! We'll be busy this Halloween season! (***UPDATE!***)

Is it Halloween yet??? We thought summer would never end!

Full moon over our barn here at Castle GreenFuzz. Our bony sentry is on the guard!

A reminder: I put my Etsy shop on temporary vacation for a couple weeks because I'm going to be doing a few autumn craft fairs. So, that means this one-woman show is working hard to get the last few projects done before the end of the month!

Look for MACABREWEBS the weekend of Sept. 26, 27 & 28 at the FallFest flea market (in the Nashville Fairgrounds). I'll be in booth #21, in the Banquet Hall area. My dear bestie Jeannine - she of 'By Way of Salem' fame - will be in the booth right next to me, so come on down and say hello!

THEN! - Don't miss the Halloween event of the season!
Come to the fantabulous 'Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny' on Saturday, October 11th at the Cult Fiction Underground (a super cool new venue) in east Nashville. Going strong now for 11 years straight, the Hoot features a plethora of scintillatingly horrorific rock bands to thrill and chill ya! Hosted by our friend, Nashville's favorite TV horror host, Dr. Gangrene, this year's show stars a monster mash of Dead Dick Hammer, The Creeping Cruds, Creeplist, and more to be announced in the days to come; plus, a special midnight showing of that perennial meat-cleavin' classic, the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, with a live appearance by "Grandpa" John Dugan!

There will be prizes for Best Costume and more. MacabeWebs is a proud sponsor of this rockin' extravaganza too! One of my hand-made originals will be given away as a prize, so get out your greasepaint, don your spookiest costumes and let's party!!! 

Click this link to take you to the Horror Hootenanny page on Facebook. See you there!

NOTE: My Etsy shop is also on temp vacation. Will be returning again in October for the Halloween season. Right now the barest edges of beautiful Autumn are creeping in slooooowly... oooooh! Look! The leaves are turning colors, and a slight chill is in the air....

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