Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Medusa: the GORGON of your dreams...

Not just another pretty face...

My continuous fascination with this fearful Greek legend led me to create my personalized version of her here in MacabreWebs studios.

With the help of some home-made papier mache which covered an old doll head, she was anointed with many layers and textures. Green-grey acrylic paints gives her a horrifying reptilian appearance, and a head dress of black beads lends a vague feminine feel, wrapped through the snake-like shapes of her hair, along with abundant 'snaky' material that drapes across her crown, and hangs all around her like a nest of deadly cobras. The addition of painted pine needles (from the majestic pine tree in my front yard) for her pointy sharp teeth, and a hefty glob in each eye of glow in the dark paint, gives just the right touches to her intimidating countenance. Of course, being that she is the Medusa, I'd advise you to NOT look her directly in the eyes, lest you be turned to a solid block of stone... or so the legend goes.

Medusa measures approximately 13" high. She is mounted on a plank of wood that measures 11" x 5" and has been painted a deep, blood red, which is a delightfully stark contrast to the evil tone of her skin. Won't you be brave, and bring her home?

Now available at my Etsy store.

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