Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The leaves are falling all around...

Generally at this post-Halloween time of year, a sort of depression envelopes us as we anticipate the approaching winter, with its often harsh and unrelenting cold, laying the once beautiful landscape barren of its autumn splendor. 
My very pretty colorful hilltop neighborhood
Driving downhill is a treat, with the foliage colors a-blazing!

I have so many friends and family members who feel this way. The best you can do is to keep the fun memories of all the activities you'd done close by. That and seek out more fun, more food, more jollity! I love Thanksgiving and certainly look forward to getting together with loved ones. And, for as much as I truly enjoy cooking, perhaps will take a break from doing so this year, and go to some fancy shmancy place for dinner with friends. A reason to get all gussied up? Okay! I do best with full glamour makeup, red lipstick and jewelry anyway.
More pretty autumn neighborhood trees
Maple trees are my favorite, with so many colors and varieties
Another thing to keep the cheer near is to stay active, stay creative. I've entered an art exhibit/contest that's all about Krampus. 

Oh. My. GAWD. Did someone say, KRAMPUS? Yes please! That's just about the biggest slew of fun I can gather up that is kinda, sorta Halloweenish, but still keeping with the Yule holidays. And, come on, who doesn't love that irascible dark consort of the old European St. Nicholas? You don't have to worry about being good where Santa is concerned - be worried that Krampus will come and beat your naughty ass with a switch before sticking you in a basket and carting you off, never to be seen again... gulp! 

Today I whipped up a sizable batch of celluclay and began to create my Krampus bust. I'm fashioning him from a styrofoam wig head, and will paint his visage once it's dry (which is going to take a good couple days, as rain is moving into the forecast) and then give him plenty of scraggly hair and horns. Oh this is sure going to be FUN!
WIP: First sculpted layer of Celluclay goes on Krampus!
Pay no attention to that woman in the mirror!
I'm aiming to create a full-sized bust of him, mounted on a 12" pedestal of wood which will serve as his neck (to be covered with makeshift skin and hair), which, in turn, is mounted on a 12"x12" slab of wood. More to come as things develop...

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