Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Freezin' our patoot off here!

Woooo! What a way to spend my birthday! Winter has arrived with a vengeance up here at Castle GreenFuzz. 

Icy bird buffet
Temps outside as we type have reached a high of 17 degrees today. Have had snow and a reasonably thick (one+ inch) layer of ice coating everything, including our cars. 
Pull up a chair, stay a while, won't ya

Yesterday my dear Hubby tried to scrape them clear, and when he attempted to open the door on my car, the handle broke clear off in his hand - actually, it broke off, IN HALF, in his hand, along with the entire locking unit! Amazing what damage an inch of ice can do. Needless to say, he won't be venturing out on the treacherous hilly roads to work for the next couple days, as the mayor of Nashville has declared a state of emergency until things thaw out a bit. 
Uh, guess we're staying home after all
This is unusual; we don't generally get truly bad weather like this here (unlike the poor folks in Boston and the whole entire eastern seaboard, who've gotten buried under several feet of hard-packed snow this season) and it seems the whole city is 'closed' for now. 
Sure looks pretty, all that ice and snow
Of course, up here in the higher elevations outside the city, things are a bit worse. We don't have the luxury of having snow plows or salt on our roads like them city slickers do <smiles> and generally have to wait out the thaw a little longer than the flatlanders do. 

Sigh. Just means we're just staying indoors again and will work on more crafts, refilling the bird feeders, and helping Hubby stockpile some more wood near the door (to use in our cast iron heater in the event we should lose power).
A flock of red winged blackbirds joins in the feeding frenzy
A rare ice flamingo, stopping by our yard on his way north for the winter
And because of this blast of Arcticness, yesterday's attempt at celebrating my birthday was canceled as well. Dear Hubby had arranged a nice little dinner get-together with a group of friends at a nearby Irish pub. We'll just have to reschedule it during better weather!

Inbred kitty
A cute and funny birthday wish from my friend Ethan Black! 

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