Thursday, March 19, 2015


I bring to you...


Wait - did you blink? Did you miss him? Let me zero in on him a little better:

Five inches of raging green beauty. Rrrrrrrr!

He came to be a couple years ago. Well, his *head* did; it took his body considerably longer to catch up. I have a habit of sometimes sort of absentmindedly sculpting something - a character head usually - and then putting it aside on my table to work on other projects. Well, microSTEIN's head had just kind of been sitting there, looking rather forlorn. I decided to play Viktoria Von Frankenstein and give him life. 
No lightning was involved.
Ever the handsome charmer, isn't he?
Being stuck inside for all those snowy icy days brought out quite a surge of creativity. Composed of my usual formula: polymer clay for head, feet and hands on a wire armature. 

A body carved from a chunk of styrofoam, covered in papier mache, then painted, clothed in cotton and old netting for his vest. He's mounted on a painted block of wood, with a strip of festive ribbon adorning the bottom rim. 

I even added neck bolts by simply cutting the heads off a couple of pins, and inserting & gluing them onto his neck. 

Yep, he was fun to work on!

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