Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween ...

Or in Gaelic, the tongue of my ancient ancestors -OICHE SHAMHNA!
Honor thy ancestors, those who lived and laid the way for you but have since passed to the next realm.

Married on this day, in 1901, were my ancestors: My great-grandmother, Margaret "Maggie" Ferguson Lawson (daughter of David Lawson and Mary Greig McGregor, both from Kerrie Muir, Scotland), to my great-grandfather, Joseph Ribeau (the son of Frank Ribeau of Prussia-Ribeauville, France, and Catherine Redmond, of Dublin, Ireland). I am named after great-grandpa Joe! How I wish I could have met him. My father told me that he was the most amazing, kind, funny, loving man ever. 

My favorite sculpture that recently sold to a nice lady in Baltimore, Maryland. I hope that the loving spirit of Halloween brightens her home as much as it does for mine!

We had a traditional Ofrenda (a  la Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead), an altar commemorating our ancestors at our Halloween party. This year, we included two tables to place photos and candy, cookies, flowers, toys, and lighted candles for our loved ones who have passed on.

There we so many candles lit that night, our entire patio was illuminated in a most beautiful way. We also had many carved pumpkins and plastic Jack O'Lanterns with battery-operated tea light candles, which made the whole are glow.
So much love was given and remembered! Special times with our friends and family.
Everyone take care, and share the love! I'm going Green this Halloween!

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