Saturday, December 12, 2015

NOELsferatu ornaments are ready!

Ho ho ... HORRIBLE!
In the process of becoming fabulous!
Well, hopefully not too horrible ... I prefer to call these ornaments 'spooky kitsch' cuz I think they're rather funny, in a humorously scary manner.
Because a festive Santa hat makes everyone look good. 
Gold tinsel and a 'blood drop' bell

A twist on the classic Nosferatu, mine are keeping with the holiday spirit, hence a take on the name, NOELsferatu. Each one is hand sculpted from polymer clay, painted in a variety of colors, and gaily festooned with many different sorts of ribbons, bows, bells and tinsel. 
And, best of all, their eyes and fangs glow in the dark!
Crazy-curled green tinsel with a bell means total happiness!
Each one is unique (I made four different kinds, as pictured here), and would be the perfect addition to anyone's Christmas tree ornament collection... or, if you prefer, Halloween!
Silver and gold, silver and gold!
All are available from my Etsy store where you can see more photos and descriptions - as well as a Christmas shipping special!
In a variety of colors and styles. What more could you ask for?
More original and fun ornies are on the way in the days to come, too. I'll be posting them here as well as on Etsy. 

Happy Yule, y'all!

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