Thursday, May 26, 2016

With sincerest admiration ...

Not only am I just simply an artist, I'm also an ardent admirer and collector of other artist's work. 
I find that we need to draw inspiration in a number of ways: from personal tastes and experiences, and also from what our fellow artists have created. I believe I speak for so many when I say that the artists who came before us have in many ways helped to put us on our own individual paths. 

These past couple of years, I have tried to purchase at least a few creations from some of my favorite creators, and in an ongoing series on this blog, will be giving each one a nod of thanks, including featuring a piece of their art that I myself have garnered in my personal collection.

Today, I'll start with a lady of whom I feel is an astounding talent: 
Sheila Bentley of PrimDolly.

Sheila's works are exactly that - astounding! One look at her array of skeletons, witches, Jack O'Lanterns and such, and you fall helplessly in love with the magical world she has created from polymer clay. WOWZA! All the things I also have a deep love for and enjoy creating. A kindred spirit, bound by a wad of Sculpey. That is too cool for words!

Sheila is a participating artist in the yearly extravaganza we Halloween folk artists all know and love, called "Ghoultide Gathering," which transpires up in Michigan each autumn. I know that right now, the artists slated to appear at this year's event are madly busy creating their spooky wares to showcase, but occasionally, they will have a goody or two for sale on their Etsy pages. Well, say no more - I swooped in and grabbed one while they were still available! I've learned that the collector's market for these wonderful Halloween art dolls is huge, and you must act quickly if you want to add one to your personal collection. 
I've made the mistake of thinking, "Oh, I'll check back next week and see about buying it." Big mistake indeed! Can't tell you how many times I've kicked myself, losing out on a sale.

So of course, need I say that I am beyond thrilled to now own this super-cute, jaunty Skellie fellow with a black top hat (my favorite thing!) who balances precariously on a glum-looking Jack O'Lantern?
Shelia Bentley creations - PrimDolly

Thank you so much, Sheila! I'm a fan for life!

Stop by PrimDolly and see what Sheila has in store!

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