Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Introducing: Seemore, the Grave Digger

Meet Seemore!

Seemore helps run the family business - that being, the grave digging business, of course.

Lately though, it seems that business isn't paying as well as it did back in the day, when it took a man's sheer brute strength to dig a proper grave by hand and shovel. Nowadays, they use fancy-shmancy machines and equipment.
That means, a man must surely scramble to make a living - somehow!

The "somehow" is his ongoing late-night forays into the local cemetery, searching for spare body parts, such as brains. (It's not like the dead need them any more, right?)
These things are then sold to the medical colleges, doctors and evil scientists - just like his infamous older brother Eyegore did with his boss, a certain Dr. Fronkensteen!

Here, Seemore proudly presents a hard night's work: a recently procured mass of fresh grey matter served up on a plate.

Seemore is completely hand-made, a one-of-a-kind original sculpture, created by me.
His head, hands and shoes are made from Sculpy (polymer clay), and painted in ghoulishly delightful shades. 
His goo-goo-googly eyeballs and jagged teeth glow in the dark, too - a MacabreWebs trademark!

His body is a medium-sized river rock, with steady legs and arms of wrapped wooden dowels, tightly covered in heavy-duty cotton yarn (black, of course).

Seemore grasps a wooden stick which holds aloft a polymer clay brain, resting on a platter of heavy painted cardboard. Looks yummy, doesn't it?

His fine graveyard apparel is completely hand-sewn, comprised of various cotton materials, and then topped with a well-worn and quite decrepit black cotton jersey cape, which is affixed to his broad shoulders and hump.

That's right! Just like his elder sibling, Seemore also has that delightful family-inherited hump on his back.

"What hump?" he asks.

Seemore himself is approximately five full inches (5") tall.

He is mounted upon a 6" X 4" plank of wood, which I've painted in a flurry of deep colors (blood red and midnight black being the most prevalent). 

Needless to say, this fine chap would show splendidly upon a shelf, among a treasured Halloween collection. However, Seemore is NOT a child's toy!

Seemore will be on display at this year's Monsters & Merriment Halloween Art Show, and available for sale at that time. Please stop by my booth and meet him (and me, if you dare!).


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