Monday, September 19, 2016

Thank you for your Kindnesses...

I am beyond tired and still quite addled-brained from this weekend's amazing turnout at the second Monsters & Merriment show. Wow... that was a lot of work. Fun, but busy busy busy and nonstop since last Thursday. 
Whew! We are pooped!

I 'll say that I perhaps earned the right to be lazy;  therefore, will cut & paste (taken from Facebook) my love and gratitude to everyone who was involved below.

I am also amazed at the fact that I saw nearly everything I created this year (and some things in previous years) were sold, and went to the loving collections of new owners. Holy smokes, I feel like a mother bird who kicked her fledglings out of the nest and am now feeing separation anxiety! Artists everywhere, I'm sure you'll agree with that - you get rather attached to your creations and feel rather sad when they go. But, hey, that's what photographs are for, right?

Okay, kiddos. I need to catch up on sleep. And then I plan on taking at least a full month off to do other things (it will be Halloween month after all, with LOTS of fun activities!)... yet I know I'll get the itch to start created again soon enough.

Thank you again, everybody. You are all wonderful and I love you!

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