Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween in Salem! ...

I am beyond tired! What a fantastic time though, getting to spend All Hallow's Eve in Witch City - Salem, Massachusetts - one of the oldest colonial port cities in America with my beloved hubby Mark, and two of our best friends, Abigail and Ethan (my partners in all things fun, including Monsters & Merriment).

I have a ton of photos (over 2000!) that I'm still downloading and attempting to sort out. Gonna take me a while for sure, but for now, here is one pic of Mark as Pumpkin Head and me as, well, *me* in the town square the day before Halloween, in front of the "Bewitched" statue.

We also spent time in Sleepy Hollow. Wow, what a beautiful place that is!

I'll be back ASAP - hopefully later this week - meanwhile, need to tackle the mountain of dirty laundry that accumulated over the course of our 3200 mile road trip... and get rested! We both were operating under a rather crazed schedule, and with it a lack of sleep. Catch y'all later.... zzzzzzzz.....

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