Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine's Day work in progress...

Yes indeed, folks, here we have what can best be described as "Halloween collides with Valentine's Day ... in the dungeon...!" 

Meet Bill!

Bill's my one of a kind (OOAK) sculpture who sums up the perfect Valentine's emotions: he literally wears his heart on his sleeve! Ok, so it's held in place there by a metal chain. It's all good, we know he means well.

Bill has always admitted to having a very soft side to him. 
He's a complete sucker for love and romance, and in fact, an unabashed
 *** SLAVE TO LOVE!***
(Please pardon his little facial tick - sometimes when he's all bound up like this, his left eye goes all wonky with delirious glee.)

Bill is a darkly humorous collectible creation - not a toy. He is completely handmade of polymer clay over a wire armature, wrapped tightly in thick yarn and metal chains, and painted with ghoulishly vivid acrylic colors that will warm any masochist's forlorn-in-love heart. 
The heart pendant he wears is also handsculpted and painted.

Bill is mounted on a hand-painted plank of wood in bright colors of true amor: pink, fuschia, and of course, black (did you expect anything less from me?). 

He is a very charming fellow, and a special MacabreWebs offering for Valentine's Day, signed by me personally.

Why bother with the typical box of chocolates or flowers - show your Valentine how much you REALLY love them by bringing Bill home to your beloved!

You can find dear Bill at my Etsy shop by clicking the link below. 
***Special $1.00 regular shipping now through 2/14/2017***

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