Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy May Day - Beloved Beltane ...

Ushering in spring with a dear group of friends here at Castle GreenFuzz (our home)

This means we are halfway to Halloween - and will be celebrating with our annual revels!
Moon Goddess and her Satyr (aka me and hubby)

Spent a lot of time (and money!) fixing and improving things in our back yard, including a snazzy new enlarged Bonfire area with lots of stones, brick, and sturdy bench seats all around.

Cernunos, Pan and the Green Man welcome you! 

The Moon Goddess and her cohorts

Me and Ethan (Cernunos)
Hubby got to play his Native American flute around the fire

As always at our parties .... way too much food but always lots of fun and laughter!
We all were really needing to get out and enjoy ourselves, as this winter knocked several of us for a loop in a bad way ... Abigail's emergency surgery, Ethan having to work two jobs pretty much round the clock to help take care of her, my pneumonia, etc.... ugh! Bad stuff, be gone! Bring on the fun and fellowship - and food of course!

Now it's back to the MacabreWebs studio to get things rollin' again as we work toward Halloween and our annual Monsters & Merriment show in September. 

Y'all take care, stay healthy, and drop back in again soon! Peace and love! 

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