Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm now part of PFATT Marketplace!

All I can honestly say is.... WOW!

I'm beyond honored to have been selected to join the stellar group of artists on the Prominent Folk Artist's Trinkets and Treasures Marketplace (also known simply as PFATT).

I join other amazing, world-renown purveyors of original hand-made art whom I have long admired, including Pam Gracia of 'Soft in the Head,' Amber Leilani, Candace Navarrete of 'Howling Moon Designs,' Cyndi LaChance of 'Holiday Sparkle' and so many more. Really, I'm still speechless to be featured as one of the resident artists. Pinch me, someone, I must be dreaming... I am so happy!

This wonderful collection of folk artistry at PFATT gives me a chance to offer some of the more rustic creations I do, such as craggy olde world witches, vintage-styled pumpkins, and the like. 

My offering for the month of July is just that, a regal pumpkin king rising from the pumpkin patch, which I have named "All Hallows Illuminated." He's a very old-styled dark gourd who rises up to illuminate the way for all the trick or treaters on Halloween night, holding aloft a small battery-operated votive candle at the end of his long vine arm. I hope somebody falls in love with him and wants to bring him home!

Please pay a visit to the fine artists at PFATT. Hand-made is always the best because it comes not from a faceless factory in a far-away land, but from the heart...

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