Friday, September 1, 2017

Monsters & Merriment plus Fontanel's Fall Festival equals FUN FUN FUN!

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Greetings, Halloween fiends and fans. Happy September to you! The weather is getting a bit cooler, the leaves are just beginning to change color, and Monsters & Merriment is just a few weeks away on September 30th... are you ready?

Wowza - from the looks of it, I can pretty much guarantee that this year's show will be anything but typical or boring... don your costumes and come on over! 

M&M is thrilled to announce our very special musical guests, The Secret CommonwealthTennessee's #1 most popular and enduring Celto-Eclectic band, who sing songs of love, war and drinking - plus add to that mix a healthy dose of magical Halloween tales as well! TSC will be performing live on stage from noon to 1pm, and will stick around afterward with a monstrously delightful table full of all kinds of band swag, with CDs of their entire music library (including their 'Halloween album' the iconic hit "Uninvited Guest") tee shirts, pint glasses, and more.
TSC is sponsored by Hick Chick Tours, Nashville's original and by far the most hilarious walking tour/pub crawl (starring the amazing standup comedy of Nashville's top comedian, Christy Eidson). This tour has been voted #1 by Travel Advisor and Yelp for several years in a row, and one lucky attendee to Monsters & Merriment will win a pair of tickets (must be 21 or over).

Another special treat we have in store for you this year is the revival of Fezziwig's Holiday Shoppe, a gorgeous seasonal store chock full of the most stunning array of Halloween goods, both new and vintage. Come and be dazzled by this fabulous shop, which has something for everyone.  

Fontanel's amazing Fall Festival runs concurrently with Monsters & Merriment, so those who are tired of the long hot summer, and in desperate need of some good autumn fun will not be disappointed in the least. It features awesome foods, carnival rides and games, craft beers, a petting zoo and farmer's market, and much more, all wrapped up in one fantastic location. 
And get this - it's free admission and free parking for both events! 

Come on out and join us in the festivities!

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