Monday, September 11, 2017

My PFATT Marketplace offering for September, 2017!

"Halloween is Bursting Out All Over!"

As we move closer to the glorious Autumn season, along comes the first happy Jack O'lantern, whose top is literally bursting up with Halloween joy.
I share his joy! Counting down the days until it's Halloween night... it'll be here soon!

This offering of mine is posted for this month's Prominent Folk Artists and Trinkets, or PFATT as it's also known (link at bottom of page).

Created with paper clay, and painted with autumn colors in acrylics with a triple layer of bows in three different fun fall fabrics, including a tiny black satin bow with miniature pearl in the center.

From his crown, there's straw, a festive garland of black stars, and a sculpted and painted Halloween heart bursting upwards, framed by a black bat on one side, and a black spider on the other.

This jaunty little fellow is mounted on a plank of wood that's been painted in pretty shades of purples, and lined around the outer edge with lovely traditional black & orange Halloween stripy material. 

Measuring 5" L x 2" W x 7" H, he's the perfect size, and would look fabulous on your desk or shelf, where he's guaranteed to bring out a grin to all who see him... because his elation is contagious!

$25 plus $5 shipping in the continental USA 
(email me for shipping rates outside of US)

Please visit the PFATT Marketplace website for complete purchase information. 
Thank you for stopping by today! 

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