Friday, August 17, 2018

From my Parlor Panther to yours ...

Halloween is drawing closer! One of the biggest icons of the holiday - next to pumpkins - is the black cat, often depicted with a witch, riding along on her broomstick on Samhain eve.

So many untrue superstitions have been woven about this beautiful creature! If anything, having a "parlor panther" in the house brings nothing but good luck, much love, and even a free vermin disposal machine. 

My cat Lily in the photo above is the sweetest little kitty ever. I daily admire her lovely sleek-as-mink fur, vivid green eyes, and even her claw-studded 'biscuits' she makes against my neck, as I carry her like a baby in my arms around the house - which she loves.

Hoping that people will adopt more black cats - they are often the last ones remaining in shelters, sad to say. Folks, don't miss your chance to have your very own mini black panther! I promise that you will be a happier person for bringing one into your home to love who will love you back unconditionally.


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