Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Monsters & Merriment on 'Today in Nashville' TV show -

Did you catch our little segment on Nashville's Channel 4 WSMV?

The 'Today in Nashville' show featured our dear friend, Fontanel's Creative Director Vance Nichols, in his monthly appearance where he creates an easy to do floral arrangement. For this season, he put together a gorgeous autumn window box display.  I need him to come to my house and give my front windows a makeover with these, they were stunning!
The super-awesome Vance Nichols! 

Vance and the show's hosts, Kelly and Carole, shared information about the big Fall Festival and also MONSTERS & MERRIMENT. 
Vance with show hosts, Kelly and Carole
Okay now, please bear with me; I must confess: I just about died, watching this on TV ... it was surreal seeing my product and website displayed for millions of viewers here in the south who were also tuned in at this time.

Seeing this on TV almost made me faint! (with happiness!)

It is seriously difficult to fathom that my humble little Halloween art show has been featured first on a famous Halloween radio station (The Big Scary Show) and now, on TV! 

And not just that, but also included some of my very own hand-made art: "Seemore," a sculpted piece I created a few years ago that Vance himself fell in love with and has since added to his personal collection (Seemore is in the lower right of the photo below) 

All I can manage to say is WOW! I think I got up and did the Snoopy Happy Dance, and scared my poor cats in the process. Really, this is all like a dream come true for me... I don't quite know what else to say, I'm still in shock. 

Vance, you are so wonderful to me, thank you for your friendship, and very much so for believing in this vision I had of a cool Halloween art show... you "get it," and I'm eternally grateful to you, my sweet friend. As we've been saying to each other, "the sky's the limit" in making this bigger and better with each passing year. 
I say, YES! Let's do it!

She was excited to talk about the show!

Seemore is ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille....

You can watch this fun clip (it's only about 4 minutes long; the MONSTERS & MERRIMENT segment starts at about 3:20) by clicking the link to the WSMV Channel 4 website.

And please come on out to Fontanel for both events... they are fun, filled with food, music, art, movies, and are FREE!


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