Sunday, November 4, 2018

This is what it's all about ...

Got this message from a very nice couple who attended the 2018 Monsters & Merriment, and really needed to share it with you.

I'm like so many of you who feel this time of year, that post-Halloween funk enveloping around us. I try to keep the spirit going, leaving up decorations year round, listening to Halloween music of all sorts, using my essential oils such as the warming autumn varieties of clove, cinnamon, and the like. Basically, I just do not allow myself to fully give in to that sadness, particularly when the last of the leaves have shaken loose from the trees as the world hearkens toward the long dark winter. 

When I checked my MacabreWebs page on Facebook, I saw that I had a message from said couple - which I've included above. I remember them very well - they spent a lot of time at my booth, and were just lovely. I am never one to do a "hard sell," as I myself hate when that's done to me. Sometimes all we wish to do is browse and soak in the energies and colors and vibes of the show (I work hard at providing such an atmosphere for all to enjoy) so I let them mill about. They ended up buying my "October Eve" sculpture, which I have to say was truly one of my favorite creations for 2018. Like I've said before, I'm beyond thrilled when someone falls in love with my art enough to want to make it a permanent addition to their own collection, but still, a small part inside of me aches to say farewell to it.

Seeing this really sweet photo and message jump-started my happiness. It was something I needed, and I'm so thankful to these folks for sending this to me.

Currently, I'm fighting a nasty case of the crud right now, hacking and sneezing and feeling generally yucky. Quaffing plenty of hot tea certainly helps, as well as my homemade chicken broth (tons of garlic, ginger and jalapeƱos to blast the goo from hanging on to my lungs!). 

I have lots of plans for the coming year, personally and professionally, so right now the main thing is to concentrate on just feeling better and getting my studio reorganized - that will absolutely keep my mind occupied!

LASTLY: Sadly, we did not get to go to Daves Hollow for Halloween camp-out night this year, as the weather was too threatening. Instead, we stayed at a friend's home, ate, drank, watched plenty of fun Halloween movies, and enjoyed each other's company... the perfect fellowship on All Hallows Eve.

Leaving you here with a photo from last year's Halloween night in the Hollow.

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