Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Thank you ...

My dear friend Robert, posing with my art doll sculpture, 'Drusilla.'

All proceeds from this sale are going to help with my beloved friend Sheree's final burial/resting place. Sheree passed away on January 30 of this year, after a long and very painful struggle with thyroid cancer. She was only 50 years old.
(Her death came on the same day as my father's death anniversary, too.)

If you knew Sheree, you'd agree with me when I say, there were none other like her! A true Goddess, beautiful, kind, loving, funny, and totally bad-ass! We loved to cackle like demented witches together, dress to the nines, and go out on the town to have a blast. She loved makeup and fashion as much as I do - well, she took it to a whole new level I must say. 

And she was as big a Halloween freak like me! Every day was Halloween!
Scaree Sheree and me, getting spooky
at Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny - October 2011
There are no words for me to describe the feeling I have over her loss. Just no words. Any time I see photos of her or hear a story about her from one of her multitudes of friends, I get choked up inside ... much like I am feeling now, as I write this small remembrance of a big, fabulous woman who was larger than life. I feel this great sucking void where Sheree once was, and I hate that.

I know that she'd be happy to know that Drusilla, a combination of Vampira and Sheree herself (her nickname, after all, was "Scaree") is now residing in her fancy new Hollywood digs with a guy who totally loves her (thank you again, Robert!)

Hug your loved ones often.... and always tell them you love them. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

I love you, Robert - we've been friends for about 30 years now, which means, you ain't getting rid of me any time soon. BOK!

And I will forever love you, sweet Sheree. You are my Boo, my heart. 
Rest in POWER, my dear Friend!

Rocking it as a blonde! 

Just us girls, hanging out in NashVegas - 2010

This is the last photo we have together, taken May, 2018.
It was during our surprise visit to Las Vegas to see her. CJ, her wonderful boyfriend, was my cohort in setting up this visit. I really thought she was going to beat cancer! I am angry that cancer took my wonderful friend from this earth. But I do feel her presence every so often - including as I was writing this paragraph: David Bowie's "Let's Dance"  just came on the radio! We were both total Bowie fans. 
Thank you, Boo, those goosebumps tell me everything.

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