Monday, August 26, 2019

Batilda - Work in Progress

Batilda - created by me! - 2019

Well!  We are finally getting a wee break from the scorching hot summer weather. Today has been a quiet Monday, outside it's cool, foggy, drizzly -  the perfect day to stay indoors and work on some more projects. Got plenty of spooky Halloween music playing in the background to set the atmosphere properly as I sit at my work table, listening to the sound of the gentle raindrops falling outside...

'Batilda' as you may recall, is a drawing of a little goth gal I created last month. Today she is painted in rich acrylic paint on the top lid of one of those fun 'cackling coffins' (you know, the kind that when you open the lid, a maniacal shrieky cackle lets loose! I just love them and try to paint several each year).

She's still a WIP but I wanted to post here as she's coming along. Not sure if I'll include the spider web border that was present in the drawing... hmm, might, or maybe not. Next, I'll be completing the inside of the coffin, then listing it on my Etsy page. I'm also creating a clay sculpture of her as well! Looking forward to getting that finished as well, and will post here once she's ready.

Ok, back to the studio for me!

PS: took a little break and perused Pinterest - a great source of entertainment and inspiration for me. Found an old (I mean OLD - this pic is from 1886) photo of a pumpkin harvest from the San Fernando Valley, where I grew up. Wow! The Valley was originally mostly farmland among wide-open spaces, but today is an overcrowded, sprawling mega-concrete suburban jungle. I get so nostalgic in a very melancholy way when I see old photos of what it used to look like. Ok, that's it for now. Just had to share...

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