Sunday, August 11, 2019

***UPDATE*** I'm going batty! ...

I'm serious! This late summer hot weather has me hiding inside round the clock. A gal can get mighty bored, just outright stir crazy, ya know?

I've been drawing a whole bunch of stuff these past few days. 
Adding a few more designs here that I plan to post also in my Etsy shop and on Facebook in the next few days.

My favorite is "Batilda," this little lady with a surprised expression on her face as a bat lands on her head. Or maybe it was there all the time, and she's only just realizing it. 
I dunno, don't ask me, ha ha. 
I added a very muted, pale green to her bow tie, which I intended to be subtle as I prefer to keep it mostly monochromatic.

Pencil and ink here, my usual when drawing. Considered coloring her in, but probably not; I do favor black and white monochrome for this particular piece. I think this would make a really fun sculpture as well, so that's the next thing I'm going to work on this week.

"Halloween Greetings"
A very simple design here includes a witch hat, broom, and big-eyed black cat surrounded by wee spiders. This is probably going to end up as a sort of sculpture too, a bas relief that will be framed.

And, as you'll likely notice, each of my designs here are featured inside a spider web frame. As you can guess, it goes with the name of my shop, Macabre Webs!

Ok, back to the drawing board as we count down the days till Halloween. Only 80 to go, woooo-hooooo!

PS: We're going to take another autumn road trip! Oh can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. This time it's to the northern part of the US, which during the fall is incredibly colorful, especially around the Great Lakes region. This year, we'll be attending 'Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween.' I look forward to finally getting to meet some of my favorite artists who will be in attendance; I have collected original art from so many of them, it will be nice to greet them in person!

However, nothing beats the road trip we took back in October 2017 - it was epic!
We went to Sleepy Hollow, NY, and then on to Salem, MA to meet up with our friends, Ethan and Abigail. Truly was the best road trip, ever, including a drive down the entire Eastern seaboard and making many stops along the way. It was incredibly beautiful. What they say about autumn in the east is true, it is astonishing. Tennessee and the south is quite gorgeous in autumn but it all pales in comparison to New England.

Me and the hubby have done a lot of road trips, and let me tell ya, going to Witch City during Halloween is something everybody needs to do at least once. Really love to go back there again when we can - hopefully, sooner rather than later!

Me, Mark, Ethan and Abigail peering into the magical crystal ball in Salem, Massachusetts
Halloween, 2017

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