Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Quarantine? No prob! - - -

We are a work-from-home kind of gal, so staying put indoors during the coronavirus quarantine is a piece of cake! (Just wish we had some cake right now)

Keeping very busy, drawing and painting every day. Working on an illustrated book I've planned over the course of the past decade.

How are you all doing?

'Felina Dreams of Halloween'

Felina dreams of Halloween
whilst tucked into her bed
with candy corn
new days yet born
Keeps her imagination well-fed

copyright MacabreWebs Studios 2020


  1. Hey girl, your blog is such a refreshment.

    I love kooky and spooky things like you so, that's why I like your blog. It's Halloween basically everyday in here, yay! Plus, I like how relaxed and silly you are, at least from what I can see in this post. It's great that you find ways not to get bored in these hard times (I do too) because, it's not easy for some people.

    Anyways, keep drawing and painting. Hope to see you around, girl! ^.^