Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Next project: "Pandemic Dreams" series: Felina Dreams of Halloween -

Latest painting - "Felina Dreams of Halloweens"
10" x 11"
Acrylic paints with ink. April, 2020
Copyright 2020 - MacabreWebs Studios 

I realize that for most, it's difficult being cooped up in the house. Not for me, I was born for this! I have everything I want and need here. (I do miss being able to blithely get out occasionally, taking a walk through vintage stores, Good Will, etc. Soon!)

Put my acrylic paints and inks to use with an ongoing series I've dubbed "Pandemic Dreams," which features a woman who incorporates an aspect of our personality/dream in each painting. 

This is my first, "Felina Dreams," which shows my love of fantasy and - of course - all things Halloween. 

Each woman/child is dressed in a whimsical "onesie" suit with ears that could be a cat, bear, bat, dog, etc. Felina wears a cat suit (hence her name). 

Hope you are entertained... I sure have been, creating each one.

Soon as things are "safe" outside, I want to bring these to a printer and have copies made, in case anyone would like to purchase one. Details will be forthcoming on this site, directing you to my Etsy page.


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