Thursday, April 22, 2021

Of witches and mice and cool cloudy days...

 On this delightfully chilly morning, I took a revisit to one of the most favorite characters I've created in recent years.

GrimZelda was an undeniably colorful product of my imagination, a conglomerate of various female villains all rolled up into one image, sculpted from several types of clay (mostly Sculpy but also air-dry paper clay). As with all of my characters, she had a back story leading up to the inclusion of the tiny protagonist character of Wee Mousie, also a Sculpy creation. Their story is still partially done; I really need to complete it and have it published.

I always felt that female villains in particular had a sympathetic background that needed to be told so that we could understand their descent into villainy. True, some could be construed as pathologically and irretrievably evil, but for the rest, certain key elements and experiences in their formative years may have been the key cause that led them to their contemptible lives.

And thus wraps up my morning of pop psychoanalysis, lol! 

Now, back to creating HALLOWEEN goodies.

Only 192 days to go! 



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