Monday, April 18, 2022

Works in progress -

 We are about halfway to Halloween!

I'm working on a hag. 

I love hags! The noun "hag" can be defined in many different ways: harridan, ogress, crone, biddy, fishwife, witch, virago, battle-axe... the list is actually quite long, mostly disparaging to an old woman who is often misunderstood. 

 I prefer to view hags as those who have lived long enough to gather much wisdom about life and the earth. Here, my latest creation in progress, is my Highland Hag. Highland because I am mostly Scottish/Nordic, and am drawn to that probably by sheer force of genetic eellular memory. My hag in progress is a soothsayer. Haven't completed her story yet (as all my creations have little accompanying stories) but will update soon as I am able to.

Be nice to old women of the forests, glens and hills. Hug a hag today!

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