Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Something ROTTEN is afoot! -


We're not talking about feet. Well, some feet indeed smell rotten, but I'm not talking about those - I've been busy sculpting away, making a flurry of skulls of all kinds. 

From the looks of it, most are going the way of mildew, all greenish decay and somewhat fetid in appearance. It feels so good getting my hands in clay and paint again, after spending the past six months creating the magazine (Autumn Brilliance). Don't get me wrong, I love putting my magazine together, but being an artist, I tend to miss painting and sculpting, and getting away from the computer is welcome. 

These skulls and many other spooky Halloween goodies will be brought to the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show next month in Marshall, Michigan. These skulls will be incorporated into a weird array of designs; I'll be sure to post a few photos of the finished results when I can.



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