Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double-dip delight! More WIP news! Waaa-HOOOO!

Yeah, it's apparent that I've been cooped up alone in my studio for far too long indeed, heh heheheheh....
Crow on the Cob

This may not be 'macabre' in the truest sense of the meaning, nor is this latest creation a style I normally make (it being considered more 'country' and 'primitive') but first and foremost, I make no excuses for loving crows and ravens. And corn! Who doesn't love a farm-fresh ear plucked straight from the field, still warm from the rays of the autumn sun? To peel off the husk and silk to find a gleaming ear of moist, starchy sweet goodness within? A drool-inducing delight indeed! 

But I digress... crows are probably my favorite bird in the world. The fact that they're intelligent beyond belief only makes them all the more amazing in my humble opinion. Surely the bane of farmers past, these remarkable, wily birds learned quickly to ignore the inanimate objects placed in the fields (such as scarecrows) meant to frighten them away. I came across this knitted linen towel in an antique store in Lebanon, Tennessee a few years ago around Halloween time. Could not resist it! Instead of designating it as a mere lowly kitchen towel, I envisioned it being reborn as a sort of countrified primitive soft sculpture. And that I did! Mounted on a sturdy stiff cardboard back, with some soft batting stuffing behind which makes it pop up more in a 3D way. And during a foray to one of the local vintage stores, found this super pretty scrolly gold & black frame to rest it in, and outlined the entire shebang with a thick strand of black yarn. Voila! "Crow on the Cob" was thus born. He's listed on my Esty store, and is ready for a new home.  

Now onto the next WIP tidbit of info - my latest Cackling Coffin!

So those glowy skulls I posted yesterday? Here is where they've been permanently affixed. The wooden coffin (of the delightful cackling variety of course!) is painted a very deep, rich burgundy, with flourishes of black swirls and webs connecting a big crimson red heart. 

I wanted a sort of 3D effect on the top of the coffin, not only with the trio of skulls but also something to tie it all into the abundant swirly patterns, and added the gleaming red swirls to frame them, in a vaguely heart-shaped design. Not sure if this particular coffin will have a material lining - have not decided yet, but it being a work in progress, I'm still finishing up the outside areas, adding heart-shaped rhinestones along the sides of the coffin.

More pics soon!

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