Monday, August 26, 2013

UPDATE! - Old Janky One-eyed Tom cat (a soft material sculpture with acrylic paint details) ***SOLD!***

Old Janky One-eyed Tom cat has been sold via my Etsy store, to a nice lady in Arizona! Very happy he's going to a good home. I'll miss him!

Introducing -

Old Janky One-eyed Tom ain't what he used to be back in the days of struttin' his stuff for all the girl kitties to see.

He's grown quite ripe in his old age and lordy, does it show!
Been in way too many alley fights.
Has lost an eye (but the remaining good one is wandering and all googly! Pick him up and it will wobble around a bit), and his old backbones are all bunched and hunched permanently now.
Most of his teeth have fallen out, with the exception of a few snaggly ones, but dear me, his tongue seems to want to loll out and drool all over himself.
As if that's all not enough, he's also become a rather ghastly green around the gills to boot! 

Old Tom was fun to create: muslin linen fabric was sewn together, and stuffed with a pillow type of fiber filling, then sewn shut and painted to come alive with a slew of acrylic paints. His lone eyeball is a plastic doll's eye that will move back and forth.
He's about 14 inches wide, by 9 inches high and weighs perhaps one pound. 

Add him to your weird doll and sculpture collection. There's surely a small warm spot on your living room sofa for Old Tom to adorn!

Please visit my Etsy page for price and ordering information!

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