Sunday, September 1, 2013

Works in progress and other eerie images on a rainy Labor Day weekend...

Found some amazingly cool children's clothing at an old second-hand store yesterday. This red velvet girl's dress works quite well to instill the creepiness, doncha think?
Dim lighting does wonders to set a mood!

There is an old dead tree in a nearby neighborhood that I see every so often from the road as I pass through. Generally, I'm driving too fast to take a photo of it, and every time I go past it, I marvel at its eeriness with regret that I didn't get a picture of it. In the summertime, its long dead trunk and branches reach up as the bottom half is choked with the green tangle of vines the south is known for. In the autumn, the vines and surrounding foliage turn brilliant colors, giving the ashen deadness of this tree a more surreal look. And, as you can imagine, in the wintertime, it is ultimately colorless and unadorned, a start upward jagged bunch of fingers pointing skyward, bare of grass and foliage.  

I vow to get some more photos of this magnificent tree in every season. My fear is that, one day, as I drive past, it will be gone, having either finally fallen over in death or removed artificially via chainsaw by the resident land owner. I'm hoping that won't be the case. Regardless, I'm so glad I got some pics of it yesterday. I made Mark pull over and stop by the side of the road as I leaned across him and snapped a few quick shots out the window with my mobile phone. The first one above is this tree (perhaps an oak?) au natural, and the second one below, with a few flicks of my magic buttons to scarify it up nicely. 

Have a nice weekend. Happy Hauntings! 

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