Friday, July 25, 2014

Latest creation ready: HALLOWEEN IS HERE, AND ALL IS WELL

Harbingers of autumn are all around... you're seeing the leaves begin to change their colors, flirting with the cool crisp air. That means Halloween is just around the corner! The pumpkin patch is in full bloom, and restless vines reach out to remind everyone that the day draws ever closer... and, once it arrives, you'll finally know that everything will be just fine and perfect.

This heartfelt paean to all things Autumn and Halloween encompasses all the vivid, rich colors the season has to offer us during its too-brief stay.

Three hand-made and painted polymer clay Jack O'Lantern character sit grinning astride the proclamation, "Halloween is here, and all is well." Every one of their long, swirly vines has also been painstakingly created from clay and painted. They reach out, making bright, framing flourishes of curly-cues all around. Subtle highlighting whorls of glitter surround them in the background. And, a single lovely sprig of forest moss sprouts up from one corner, along with a small scattering  of autumn leaves and a trio of tiny pumpkins to round out the frame on the bottom.
All this creates a gloriously colorful 3D diorama effect to celebrate Halloween's arrival!

Mounted on a plank of wood, which has been painted in a variety of gorgeous purple hues. The sides have been wrapped in a silky, satin ribbon material, and pinstriped with metallic copper paint. To hold everything up, pretty glass beads serve as feet on the bottom.

I admit to falling in love with my characters and suffer from a bit of separation anxiety when they are sold, and this one is no exception. Absolutely one of a kind, whimsical, and a great piece to add to anyone's collection.

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Dimensions: approx. 5" X 5" wide, 3" height. One US pound in weight.

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