Saturday, July 19, 2014

***SOLD!*** Ghoulio and the Guardian

This fella has grown quite near and dear to me... but I must cut the heart strings, for he is ready to be shipped to his new home.

The Guardian gargoyle shelf is going with Ghoulio to the same happy new owner in  Virginia. Thank you! I know you'll enjoy them both!

I am noting the irony in full, that after having just done a major overhaul of my art studio - which took me nearly three days to do, and included tossing out a bunch of cardboard boxes I'd been saving, literally, for years - now that I'm actually *needing* a nice big sturdy box, there are none to be had. This necessitates a jaunt down the hill to the post office to retrieve one. 

I told my husband, "See why I should never throw anything away ever again?" I'm sure that horrifying visions of hoarding gone awry popped into his head, but I can assure everyone, that is not the case. Really! Why, after having cleaned out my studio, I can now actually see the top of my desk!

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