Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy October Eve, everyone!

Tonight is October Eve. 

The First Church of Halloween

I'll be with a small group of very beloved friends, celebrating this once-a-year event, eating, drinking, laughing, watching movies and enjoying the cool autumn air.

Learn the Halloween Creed so that you can recite it correctly!


I believe in the Great Pumpkin, Almighty Gourd, maker of harvest and mirth, only begotten son of Father Bradbury and the Holy Schultz. 

Through him, all things savory were made. For our Halloween, he descended from the Scarecrow's head on high, and by the power of Sam, was grown by the Burgeoning Cemetery. 

For our desserts, he was crustified over Pontius Pie-plate and ascended into oven. He will come again in the glory to judge the filling and the bread, and his flickering visage will glow unto the ending of the candle.

In nomine Patris Bradbury, et Fillius Sam, et Magna Curcurbita.


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