Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's take a road trip, shall we? - HORRORVILLE, USA.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good, old fashioned, creepy fun time - especially during Halloween season! I've found several great websites that help us scare addicts to find the best of the spooky ventures out there. 

Roadside attractions for the damned is your cup of tea, you say? Then look no further than Roadtrippers's phantasmagorical HORRORVILLE site. 

From abandoned amusement parks (super creepy) to haunted plantations (absolutely hair-raising) and decaying hotels and resorts deep within the Appalachians (bone-chilling), you will find the road trip of  your dreams (or nightmares). The eerie decrepitude of some of these places is mind-bogglingly surreal, I tell you. You can feel the resounding primal fear stirring deep in your guts by just looking at them. Ooooh! What a way to plan a vacation. Sign me up!

Click the link below to venture into the land of America's most horrific places... that is, if you dare.

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