Wednesday, May 13, 2015

She's flipped her wig, folks!

Har! You thought I was talking about myself, weren't ya.
(Well, ok, I'll admit, you were partly correct)

I'm always trying to better my talents, and one of the things I am still learning to do is to create realistic hair (wigs) for my characters. Watched a gazillion Youtube tutorials on doll wigs. Some much better than others - many just absolutely crap and a waste of time. 

Finally settled on a very simple and relatively easy way to create one: pulling a layer of plastic cling wrap (like Saran wrap) over the head of the doll, securing with rubber bands so it won't slip; then drawing a scalp line around it, and coating the plastic with many layers of Modge Podge. I have literally dozens of old Halloween wigs laying around, so one of them had to give up the ghost and get reincarnated as a dolly wig. Then taking small tufts, saturating the ends in more glue, and sticking onto the 'scalp.' Let dry a bit, then repeat until the entire head is filled with a luxurious mane. 
A pointy widow's peak she shall have!
All yesterday afternoon was devoted to creating this head of hair for my 'Grimace' character. Today I cut around it, and will adhere it to the character's head. Painstaking, indeed! - but oy vey, what a sense of accomplishment I'm feeling deep in me gutty-wuts. Definitely not something you'd want to do if you are short on patience, so beware.
Freshly frazzled coiffure du jour!
Also working on the custom Jack O'Lantern order for my Etsy customer. 
Being bizzy-bizzy is a good thing indeed. 
Why, Halloween is a mere 170 days away!

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