Friday, June 5, 2015

*** Introducing: Grimzelda! ***

"When the cat's away, the mice will play!"

There are those whom we know to gravitate toward, as we sense their inner love, kindness and beauty.

Grimzelda is NOT one of those people.
In fact, you'd be wise to steer clear of this mean old witch. She's a real doozy!
Poor Wee Mousey was unwise to venture into her pantry. He couldn't be blamed, really, it was quite cold outside and he just wanted to warm his tiny feet. Well, ok, and mayhaps grab a stray crumb off her floor.

Grimzelda did not take kindly to his intrusion! Her withered old black heart has no room for charity nor compassion for such a minute creature's comfort. And if you think Wee Mousey is in trouble, just wait till her raggedy old cat comes back, for he'll be taken to task for not catching the intruder first...
Grimzelda is a one of a kind sculpture. She is crafted from polymer clay (her head, hands, feet) and secured on a styrofoam body, which has been covered in paper clay, then painted & sealed with a variety of high-quality acrylic paints.

Her hair is synthetic wig hair, individually and painstakingly applied, giving the appearance of a frazzled witch's fright wig of black and grey.

Grimzelda's costume is hand-stitched from various fabrics, including rayon, cotton, and satin. 
Her shoes are faux leather, fastened with cotton twine laces.
She stands approximately 14 inches tall.

Wee Mousey is created completely from polymer clay, painted and sealed, with a wool fiber application for his tail.

I keep tweaking things on this piece - namely, tightening the bodice/dress around her so her shape is more defined. Was not sure I liked her over-cape as loose and billowy as it was, it looked too shapeless and made her look sloppy. 

She may be an evil b*tch, but I still wanted her to have at least some glamour! 

Even though I've been sick with a rotten summer cold, I had a blast creating her, and channeled all my favorite female baddies, including Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, with some vintage Gloria Swanson/Norma Desmond thrown in for good measure. I'm sure there is some parallel to a Disney villainess there as well - a gleeful conglomeration of evil queens galore, all mixed up with vitriol and venom!

Grimzelda will be a part of a larger scene/diorama currently under construction. 
Once that is completed I'll return with some photos of the entire piece ... plus some really BIG news to share that I'm very excited about. 

Nope, ain't gonna say anything just yet; you'll have to come back periodically and see, hee hee!

Oh and by the way - it's only 147 days till Halloween!

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