Friday, June 12, 2015

It's really not just a state of mind!

The two wailing Ghostie Pumpkins, rising from the grave, tell it like it is!

They are crafted from a styrofoam base, covered in several layers of papier mache & paper clay, and painted/sealed with acrylics. 
Deep inside they each have a heart of stone - literally, an embedded river rock is what keeps them balanced upright. 
The Ghostie Pumpkins stand at approximately 8" (left one) and 9" (right one).

"Spooky - Not just a state of mind, y'all" is a festive Halloween sign of wooden block, hand-painted ghoulishly green and black, and sealed. Has a hook on back so it can be hung on any wall - kitchen, dungeon, you name it!

Only 140 days till Halloween!

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