Monday, August 10, 2015


It's official. I OWN myself!
That is to say, I am now a 'dot com,' on the world wide web.

Launched just today, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time now. Just makes me feel all the more legit as a real artist. It's still in the process of being tweaked here and there for optimum usage, but it is a live website nevertheless. Yay!!!

Another fantastic announcement that I am so thrilled to share here is the creation of my very own art show. I'm sharing the spotlight with a group of very talented artist friends, and hope it to be from here on the official kick off the Halloween season! 
Why did I create one, when there are plenty of arts & crafts shows, you ask? It is true, there certainly are many amazing autumn/Halloween art shows all over the country, including many notable ones here in the middle Tennessee area. The only thing missing was a key element that my friends and I all felt deeply and agreed upon: they were for the most part very mainstream, very 'tame,' and generally all lacking a certain key ingredient that so many of us love about Halloween, and that is the horror element, mixed in with the party.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to introduce to everybody, the first-ever debut of Monsters & Merriment! 

An art show for those who love the darker, spookier side of Halloween!
You will find all the information about it our upcoming show on the 'News/Calendar of Events' section on my new website.

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