Thursday, August 13, 2015

*UPDATE: Another artist has been added!* - MONSTERS & MERRIMENT: A Spooktacular Halloween & Horror Art Show

*** UPDATE: August 31 -

Very pleased to announce the addition of more amazing artists:

Olivia Frankenstein
Travis Bibb
Keely Jane

And a few more surprises that will be made known in the days to come!

Among the amazing artists scheduled to appear with their original art:

Ethan Black Arts (my dear friend and cohort in making this happen)
Uncanny Valley Productions
Melissa Gay
Abigail Yates (director/actress, who will show her supernatural documentary, The Windigo)
Troy Guinn (of The Secret Commonwealth & The Exotic Ones)
Kiki Dombrowski (who will be doing Tarot card readings)
MacabreWebs (little ol' me!)

It's been a lot a of work getting this organized and off the ground but it's finally going to happen. Oh am I ever excited! Ethan and I have done a lot of running around town, a lot of digital work on the computer in building ads, websites and whatnot, a lot of emails, a whole lot of searching for artists who share our love of the darker side of Halloween.

Great news! Monster Mountain - a super-scary but mega-FUN local haunted house here in Nashville, is providing a pair of free tickets for someone at the event to win. As mentioned, we are having a raffle and will be giving away some really nice stuff. 
More updates as they come rolling in....