Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So much to do, so little time! ...

Getting things finished and prepared for the upcoming MONSTERS & MERRIMENT art show.

I have a few larger-sized pieces that are still being worked on, but a few of the smaller ones are ready right now to add to the show's display/sale.

"Jolly King of the Pumpkins" is a handmade sculpture of polymer clay/wire/material/acrylic paint, with moss for his collar and hands. It is more along the lines of vintage Halloween, which I absolutely love.

Jolly King of the Pumpkins!
Gate Keeper candy jar
The "Gate Keeper" candy jar is an old recycled resin jar, painted and distressed to look antique-y, with a rubber baby doll head that too has been painted and aged with many layers of paint and crackle glaze. The doll's eyes glow in the dark. A satin ribbon around its neck anchors it to the top of the jar, which is fully functional for storage (of wrapped candies, not loose ones).

I've had a lot of inquiries about my Etsy shop, which I've got on temporary hold status as I prepare for the M&M art show next month. Rest assured, I am planning on reopening my shop once the show is over, and anything that has not sold at the show, will again be listed for sale there. 

Can you imagine how EXCITED I am about the show!!!!! So very much to prepare for, it's like my list never ends, it just keeps growing. Which means, I gotta stop lollygagging here and get myself back into the studio to create!

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