Tuesday, May 16, 2017

*UPDATE* - I finally met my IDOL ....!

It seems like a dream .... a dream come true .... after 45 years of faithful fandom, I got to meet my all-time idol ... ALICE COOPER!!!

I honestly do not know how I was able to keep calm and collected! What a sweet man he is, too.
Alice Cooper ... mere inches away from me in the coolest leopard suit ever!

The man who influenced my entire life like nobody before, from my tastes in music to fashion style to my art.... wow, I'm still giddy over this and won't be able to return to Earth for a long time!

How did this wondrous miracle of miracles occur? 
I have my amazing, beloved sweetheart - my husband Mark -  to thank.

It was our 12th wedding anniversary. He got us tickets to see "Spend the Night with Alice Cooper" here in Nashville - but not just any mere tickets, mind you, these were FRONT ROW CENTER VIP PASSES. They not only gave us the best seats in the house, but also the opportunity to go back stage, see all the famous props (including the GIGANTIC "FrankenAlice," the toy box of scary toys, and the infamous guillotine! Yes, we even got to pose for photos with our heads in it.
Me playing in Alice's toy box!!!! 
However, we never sat down the entire show - we rocked all evening long, leaning against the stage, mere INCHES away from the band .. and THE LEGEND himself. 
Me, fainting in his arms.
(Just kidding - a prop from "Cold Ethel")
You know that the moment he hit the stage I thought I'd have heart palpitations! 

Then, during the song "Poison," as he stomped around the stage, menacingly swishing a black leather riding crop around ... suddenly, I looked up, and saw him standing directly over me, looking dead into my eyes with a very intimidating glare ... I was afraid for a split-second that he was about to crack that crop on me but instead, he leaned in close, reached out his black leather-gloved hand, put it on my head... AND PULLED MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I looked up into his eyes .... damn near fainted, I did!
(I found a video on Youtube with this song and captured the moment, but sadly, I am just barely out of frame at the bottom... you can see him lean in and grab something, but you can't see my head.... dammit!!!)  

*** NOTE: I got an email on Friday morning, May 19th from photographer Chris Jeans, who was able to capture the hair-pulling moment in the photo below. Chris, I don't know if you are reading this, but I owe you a huge debt of thanks for this pic! (I love that I can even see a bit of my hand, with my snake tattoo - wow!)
... and I will never wash my hair again ...
(Photo by Chris Jeans)

This show was made all the more phenomenal by the fact that it was the first and so far ONLY time the original band members reunited (minus the late great Glen Buxton) to play onstage together since 1974! Dennis Dunaway (bass), Mike Bruce (guitar), and Neal Smith (drums) rocked with Alice for several classic-era tunes, including "School's Out," "Muscle of Love," and "Billion Dollar Babies." WOWZA! Last time I saw this original lineup was back in 1973, when, as a wee thirteen year old babe, saw the Billion Dollar Babies tour in Los Angeles. 

I was *this close* and yes, of course I touched them!
Later, after the show, as the small group of "VIPs" got to meet him in the special PR room, I was nervous beyond compare... felt like my legs had gone numb, I was afraid to get up and try to walk to him. He was sitting at a table, and one by one, each of the VIP guests walked up, sat down, and met & spoke with the man as he signed posters, tee shirts, VIP passes, pretty much anything you asked him to sign. Well I nearly chewed a hole in my lip, trying to suck up enough nerve to fake being calm & collected, and finally it was my turn to Meet The Man Himself. 

Now, I must tell you, I've always heard that Alice Cooper is a truly sweet, gentle man, and I'm here to substantiate that fact. Nothing like his frightening stage persona whatsoever! He smiled and welcomed me to the table with a warm demeanor and put his still-leatherclad hand out for me to shake. I sat down next to him right as he said with a wicked little grin, "You know, I was about to pull your hair again."  
(SQUEEE!!!!! I damn near lost it!)

For now, just remaining in a state of happy silly shock, not quite coming down to earth just yet. I'm feeling like I've been magically transported back to being a 13 year old kid again, all giggly and googly over my favorite rock star... what a great feeling indeedy! 

This last photo of me, Alice and my dear hubby Mark, with Alice holding up the flyer for one of my friend's AC tribute bands, "Zipper Catches Skin," which debuts at the Pond here in Franklin, TN next Friday (May 26th). When Alice looked at it, he looked at me and smiled, and said with his typical dry sense of humor, "I hate it when tribute bands are better than me." 

...Holy smokes, Batman, imagine if he were to appear at the show?!!!!!

- All photos mine unless otherwise noted -

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