Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WIP: Nosferatu

Distinguished older gentleman, independently wealthy.
Seeks neck(s) for meaningful relationship.
Inquire within ... 
at this year's MONSTERS & MERRIMENT Art Show

Nosferatu (or, The Count, as he is casually known) still has a ways to go before he is completed and ready to meet all you brave souls at the show. He is air-dry clay, sealed and painted with many many layers of acrylic paints. His mesmerizing eyes and pointy fangs glow in the dark. He is in the process of acquiring a tailor-made suit and background for him to display against. For now, he is waiting out the long hot summer, and eagerly awaiting the chilly autumn nights to fly out into.

Not telling any more secrets - you'll need to check back here to see, and be ready to become bedazzled by Nosferatu's hypnotic transformation. But be forewarned: keep your fingers away from him -  he bites!

Till then, sweet dreams, darlings. Don't be afraid of the shadows... 

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